Sunday, 13 November 2016

Technology - Distinction post 11

On Tuesday the year 7's had technology. Usually the year 8's go to but they were in wellington this week. When we got to the science classroom Mr Roozen let me chose an element on the periodic table to learn for that day. I chose lithium. Then Mr Roozen taught us about lithium and what it is used for. Then we learnt about tension, compression and shear and how the triangle is the strongest shape. Then we went to mandarin and learnt about how to say I like something and I don't like something. After mandarin it was morning tea time. Once morning tea was over and we went back to class we started trying to make the tallest tower possible made out of pasta and marshmallows and it had to be free standing. Savannah and I collaborated on this and we kept in mind the triangle is the strongest shape while building it. We won the challenge our tower was 63 centimetres tall.

I show the care value of excellence by not giving up even when our tower kept falling down.

I showed leadership by contributing to class discussions and putting up my hand lots to answer questions.

I was a role model by talking to the person next to me on the way to and from technology.

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