Friday, 4 December 2015

Persuasive Argument

WALT make a claim that is supported by details, reasons and explanations.

I strongly believe that New Zealand should take more refugees from countries in war, it would benefit us Kiwis and the refugees a great deal. The benefits range from richer culture, better education, to lower rates, to less imports and more exports. We have only 0.00056% of the world’s vast population .

When refugees come to our country they will bring important things such as exotic foods, new languages, distinctive clothing, different senses of humor, diverse manor and unique religions. All these things add up to a interesting and diverse culture which is great for making an intriguing social community with engaging differences.

New Zealand like any country treasures their children and what every child needs is good education. The more pupils coming to schools the bigger the schools are and the more money will be going into the schools benefiting our learning. If schools had more money they would be able to afford more technology and equipment such as computers or a 3D printer.

If we had enough people we wouldn’t have to import so much stuff from other bigger countries such as Australia and china. Our main import from China is clothes and if we are capable to we will make our own clothes and sell them here in New Zealand.    The  less we have to import the less effort time and money we will have to use to get ourselves the goods we need

All New Zealanders that occupy a house have to pay rates or if you live in a rental house you pay rent to the person or company that possesses that house and they pay rates. The larger the amount of people the more houses required to meet the needs of the people. So there would be more people paying rates creating better services for less  money paid to local government and the local government would still be receiving the same quantity of money if not more.

In conclusion I strongly believe that refugees should be allowed accepted and welcomed into our communities. They make New Zealand a better place by creating a more culturally diverse country. We should also take them choosing our country above all of the other countries as a compliment it proves that we are a clean and green and aspirational country.