Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 15

On Friday I had kapahaka. First, we sung tenei matou and pa mai. Secondly we sung haleluia, tai tapu, pa mai, tenei matou and the haka. In tenei matou we got the actions mixed up with the pa mai actions so we had to do it again. Then we had to practise the start actions because some people didn't know it. After that some people got moved in their lines so the people that knew the actions best were at the front. Then we went through the performance for Thursday. We practised that until the bell rang then we got released and went back to class for morning tea.

I showed the value of respect by showing up on time to practise.

I showed leadership by doing the actions and singing my best.

I was a role model by listening to what Mrs Baker, Mr Brown and Matua Rihari said and doing it.

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