Friday, 9 December 2016

Overall - Distinction post 25

Garden to table.

I have enjoyed working with the younger students, watching the garden grow and cooking snacks with fruits and vegetables I helped grow in the garden.

I have learnt how to be a better leader when taking care of a group of younger students and how to put gloves on a little kid.

Next year I want to do more of a variety of jobs in the garden and cook using vegetables I helped grow because I enjoyed that part a lot.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

PALs - Distinction post 24

Today Maddy and I ran stuck in the mud and duck duck goose for our kakano PALs activity. At ten past one we collected our orange PALs jackets and headed out onto the field. Once we got to where we wanted to play the games we looked around to see if any kakano kids seemed interested. Then a group of little kids asked if they could join in we said yes. Since there were only four kids Maddy and I joined in the game of duck duck goose. After that two more kids came over and asked if we could play stuck in the mud. So we played stuck in the mud in a small section of the kakano side of the field until the bell rang. Before the kids went back to class we gave them all pozi's for getting involved.

I showed the care value of respect by listening to others ideas.

I showed leadership by giving out pozi's to the kids that were getting involved.

I was a role model in stuck in the mud by saving lots of people.

Technology - Distinction post 23

On Tuesday the year 7 and 8's went to Lincoln primary school for technology. It was our last time at tech for the rest of the year. We first learnt about the element of the day which was darmstadtium. Then we learnt about acids and bases and when you put them together and add water it fizzes. After that we had mandarin and made Christmas and New years cards in mandarin. We made a Chinese dragon in the middle of the card and wrote merry Christmas and happy new year in mandarin. After morning tea we made sherbet using some of the things that Mr Roozen taught us about acids and bases. We used citric acid, baking soda, icing sugar and raro to make our sherbet.

I showed the care value of community by sharing resources with Savannah while making the card.

I showed leadership by respecting Mr Roozen and listening while he was teaching us something.

I was a role model by contributing to class and group discussions and putting my had up to ask questions lots.

Kapahaka - Distinction post 22


I've enjoyed performing at the cultural festival, senior citizens concert, gala and at the welcoming ceremony.

I've learnt lots of new songs and the actions to pa mai, tenei matou and the poi.

What I need to improve on most is the actions to tenei matou and the ppi.

Next year I am looking forward to doing the long poi and all the performances.

Monday, 5 December 2016

PALs - Distinction post 21

Physical Activity Leaders (PALs)

I've enjoyed running games and activities for the younger students and joining in myself sometimes if there weren't many students wanting to play that day.

I've learnt how to give clear instructions that are short so they don't get distracted and how to manage time a lot better so that I am always on time to my PALs duty.

What I need to improve on most is remembering to face the sun when giving instructions so they aren't facing the sun and remembering to wear my PALs jacket because I sometimes forget it and have to go back.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 20

On Friday I had kapahaka. Only the kids that were going to the gala came because it was the final practice before the gala performance. We rehearsed our performance for the gala a couple of times then Mrs Baker told us about what we were going to do at the gala. Then Mrs Baker changed some of the lines and made a new girls line at the back which I got moved to.
I showed the care value of respect by showing up on time to the rehearsal.
I showed leadership by listening to what Mrs Baker had to say and doing it.
I was a role model by singing my best and doing the actions with pride.

PALs - Distinction post 19

On Friday Maddy and I ran skipping for the kakno kids. We usually do our PALs duty of Thursday but we had a lock down then and weren't able to. We ran our PALs duty in the second half of lunch. The little kids really enjoyed the skipping and it was really cool seeing some new kids that don't usually come to our PALs activities. We didn't get the long rope out so we didn't have to supervise it and we got more time to skip with the kids.
I showed the care value of respect by respecting the kakano kids and getting to my duty on time.
I showed leadership by running skipping differently than I usually do so the kakano kids could have more options.
I was a role model by teaching two little kids how to skip for the first time.

Technology - Distinction post 18

On Tuesday the year 7 and 8s had technology. We learnt about aeroplanes and how they stay up in the air and about lift, weight, drag and thrust. At mandarin we took a test to see how much we had learnt and learnt the mandarin names of some more animals. After morning tea we watched a video on how to make a paper aeroplane then we made our own and modified it a bit to make it so it flies better. Then we went over to the hall to have a flying competition. The first round we had to fly the paper aeroplanes that we had created using the video that Mr Roozen showed us. In the second round we got to make a paper aeroplane of our choice. i didn't win any rounds. After that we went back to the class and played element bingo until it was time to hop on the bus.
I showed the care value of active thinking by collaborating with Savannah to create new ways to make our planes better.
I showed leadership by clapping for the people that won the compitetions.
I was a role model by being quite during the element bingo so people could hear what element Mr Roozen called out.