Friday, 25 November 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 17

On Thursday we performed at the senior citizens concert. We all had to be at the hall at ten past one in our kapahaka uniform so that we would be ready to perform. We performed the songs haleluia, pa mai, tenei matou and taitapu with the haka. I showed the care value of excellence by performing the songs with pride. I showed leadership by showing up ready in my kapahaka uniform on time so that we could perform on time. I was a role model by listening to what Mrs Baker and Mr Brown had to say and doing it quietly.

PALs - Distinction post 16

On Thursday Maddy and I ran skipping for the kakano kids. Since I had the senior citizens concert at ten past one we did it in the first half of lunch. We ran it on the court next to the junior playground. Once we got there we started skipping until some little kids joined in. I helped a little kid set up the long rope for people to jump in so Maddy and I could hand out pozi's. We then handed out pozi's and encouraged some kids to not give up when they were having a hard time skipping. We also organised some skipping races then we had to pack up so I could go and perform at the senior citizens concert.

I showed the care value of community by making sure the younger kids got even amounts of turns on the long rope.

I showed leadership by managing my time well and knowing when I had to do things.

I was a role model by encouraging the kids that were in the race and running my PALs duty with a positive attitude.

I can understand operations using fractions, decimals and integers.

Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Strategy 4

Strategy 5

I found the strategies 1 and 4 easy because I had already done the ixl activities before.
                 I found the assessment task and strategy 2 the hardest because it was new to me.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Te Reo, Term 4 2016.

This term we have been learning all about the Marae. We have learned that…….

  • The Marae is an important focal point for the community.
  • The Marea is a place where tradition and customs can be carried out.
  • The Marae is a place where people can express their values with dignity.
  • There are many kawa ( protocols) that prevail on the marae.

  • Marae kawa (protocols) can differ between maraes and iwi.
    We have focussed on some key concepts when doing this learning.
    These are listed and explained in the table below.

    Definition -
    give the meaning of these concepts in your own words.
    The way the marae do things.
    The welcoming ceremony for when visitors come onto the marae.
    Tangata whenua
    The local people that are connected to the marae.
    Visitors to the marae.
    The marae is your home and it has right and rules.
    You feel like you belong.
    respect the elders.
    It means loves.

    See this video for an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of people on a marae.

    Something I would like to learn more about the marae is how the welcoming ceremony goes when visitors come to the marae.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

google slide

key personalities

3 articles

compare and contrast

I found out that the treaty is kept in an archive in Wellington and the treaty was first signed on the 6th of February 1840.

I would like to find out more about the foreshore and seabed debate.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 15

On Friday I had kapahaka. First, we sung tenei matou and pa mai. Secondly we sung haleluia, tai tapu, pa mai, tenei matou and the haka. In tenei matou we got the actions mixed up with the pa mai actions so we had to do it again. Then we had to practise the start actions because some people didn't know it. After that some people got moved in their lines so the people that knew the actions best were at the front. Then we went through the performance for Thursday. We practised that until the bell rang then we got released and went back to class for morning tea.

I showed the value of respect by showing up on time to practise.

I showed leadership by doing the actions and singing my best.

I was a role model by listening to what Mrs Baker, Mr Brown and Matua Rihari said and doing it.

PALs - Distinction post 14

On Thursday Maddy and I ran moon hopper races for the kakano students. First we got the moon hoppers out of the P.E shed. Secondly we got some cones from the classroom and set up were we were going to run the races. Then once some kids had come over to play we sorted them into even lines and ran the races. We gave pozi's out to the winners and kids that were trying their best. When the bell rang for the end of lunch we packed up the cones and the moon hoppers. Then we returned the cones back to the senior classroom and the moon hoppers to the P.E shed.

I showed the care value of respect by when a younger kid fell off the moon hopper in the middle of a race I checked if he was o.k and encouraged him to finish the race.

I showed leadership by handing out lots of pozi's.

I was a role model by getting to my PALs duty on time.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Technology Overall- Distinction post 13


I've enjoyed collaborating with people I wouldn't normally and making things I'm proud of and taking them home to show my family.

I've learnt how to cook food that I wouldn't normal cook at home in cooking, how to thread a sewing machine use a sewing machine and sew in textiles, how to use tinkerkad in textiles, how to use a drilling machine and chisel in woodwork and I learnt the elements in the periodic table in science.

Next time I would learn how to sew a button in textiles, make something different in woodwork and make something that is different and can help me in some sort of way in design.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

PALs - Distinction post 12

On Wednesday Maddy and I ran skipping for the kakano students. We usually do PALs on a Thursday but since the year 8's were away and on Thursday the years 7's weren't going to be there the schedule got changed. At five past twelve Maddy and I headed to the class room got our jackets and pozi's so that we would be ready to start at ten past twelve. After that we went onto the court beside the junior playground and started skipping some younger children joined in straight away.  Maddy and I ran some skipping races for the kids that wanted it, some of the ones that didn't want to participate cheered and encouraged them from the sideline. Quite a few of the little kids didn't know how to skip so I taught them and then encouraged them while they had a go. When the bell rang we packed up the gear and put it back neatly were we got it from.

I showed the care value of excellence by showing resilience when teaching the younger children how to skip.

I showed leadership by cheering and encouraging all the kids in the race and doing my PALs duty with a positive attitude.

I was a role model by running my PALs activity with pride and showing up on time.

Technology - Distinction post 11

On Tuesday the year 7's had technology. Usually the year 8's go to but they were in wellington this week. When we got to the science classroom Mr Roozen let me chose an element on the periodic table to learn for that day. I chose lithium. Then Mr Roozen taught us about lithium and what it is used for. Then we learnt about tension, compression and shear and how the triangle is the strongest shape. Then we went to mandarin and learnt about how to say I like something and I don't like something. After mandarin it was morning tea time. Once morning tea was over and we went back to class we started trying to make the tallest tower possible made out of pasta and marshmallows and it had to be free standing. Savannah and I collaborated on this and we kept in mind the triangle is the strongest shape while building it. We won the challenge our tower was 63 centimetres tall.

I show the care value of excellence by not giving up even when our tower kept falling down.

I showed leadership by contributing to class discussions and putting up my hand lots to answer questions.

I was a role model by talking to the person next to me on the way to and from technology.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 10

On Friday we had kapahaka. At 10:25 Natasha, Sophie and I walked over to the hall and took off and placed our shoes in the hall foyer. Once we got into the hall everyone got into their new lines except a couple of people that weren't there on last Friday I was one of them. Everyone started singing ka waiata and while we were doing that the people that didn't have a place in the new lines got slotted in. Then we sang pa mai and tena matou until the bell rang at 11:00 then we went back to class and had morning tea.

I showed the care value of community by getting involved the whole time.

I showed leadership by trying my best in all of the songs.

I was a role model by showing up on time to kapahaka.

PALs - Distinction post 9

On Thursday Maddy and I ran sprints and relays for the kakano kids. At 12:05 we headed out onto the field where the start of the sprint track is and waited for some kids to come. After a couple of minutes a lot of kids had come over to join us. We started a few sprint races for the kids that wanted it then we sorted them out into teams for a relay race. The kids really enjoyed the relay races so we kept them going for a while until a boy asked if we could go back to sprint races so we ran sprint races until the bell rang.

I showed the the care value of community by getting everyone that was there at the PALs activity involved.

I showed leadership by helping out a little kid that fell over and encouraging him to give it another go.

I was a role model by getting to my duty on time.