Sunday, 20 November 2016

PALs - Distinction post 14

On Thursday Maddy and I ran moon hopper races for the kakano students. First we got the moon hoppers out of the P.E shed. Secondly we got some cones from the classroom and set up were we were going to run the races. Then once some kids had come over to play we sorted them into even lines and ran the races. We gave pozi's out to the winners and kids that were trying their best. When the bell rang for the end of lunch we packed up the cones and the moon hoppers. Then we returned the cones back to the senior classroom and the moon hoppers to the P.E shed.

I showed the care value of respect by when a younger kid fell off the moon hopper in the middle of a race I checked if he was o.k and encouraged him to finish the race.

I showed leadership by handing out lots of pozi's.

I was a role model by getting to my PALs duty on time.

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