Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 8

On Friday the year 4 - 8 students had kapa haka. Once the year 7/8 students had been let go from class I went to Natasha and Sophie and started walking over to the hall foyer with them. Once I got to the hall foyer I took my shoes off and sat them down on a seat. Once I got to the hall I went and sat down in our lines facing the stage. The first song we started singing was Ka Wiata, everyone already new this song as we sing it in Te Reo lessons, but we also added some new lyrics at the start of the song, and started to practice these lyrics. After this we started going through Tenei Matau. Once we went through this once we realised that we had all forgotten the actions to this new song. After this Matua went through all of the actions with us again as he had noticed that most people had forgotten them.

I showed the care value of community by being aware of others and making sure I didn't bump into anyone while I was moving around inside the hall.

I showed leadership by respecting others right to learn by walking quietly on my way to the hall.

I was a role model by trying my best the whole time.

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