Sunday, 30 October 2016

PALs - Distinction post 7

On Thursday Maddy and I ran sprints and relays for the kakano kids. At the start of lunch we made sure we had the batons for the relays, the clapper to start the races and lots of pozis. Once we had everything ready we headed out onto the field where the start of the sprint track is and waited for some kids to come. Once a couple of kids came we got a few races going until their were to many little kids for individual races then we made relay teams. Once we had done quite a few races as relays a kid asked if we could go back to sprints so we sorted them out into lanes and ran some races.

I showed the care value of excellence by even when some of the little kids weren't listening and things weren't going exactly as planned I showed resilience and made it all work out.

I showed leadership by handing out pozis to the winners and to the kids that were trying their best.

I was a role model by cheering for all the little kids and giving them a hand if they needed some help.

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