Sunday, 23 October 2016

Athletics - Distinction post 5

On Wednesday we had the kauri athletics. Straight after moring tea the whole kauri team headed out onto the field. Once we were all on the field and sorted into gender and age group lines Mr Forman talked to us for a little bit then The Head Boy Jack and the Deaputy Head Boy Dylan officially opened the 2016 kauri athletics. My first event was long jump, we all lined up into our number order and had a practice jump than afeter that we each got two jumps and tried improve our distance in the second jump. Once we had all done our two jumps we all sat down and Mr Foley announced the places. I got second place! Our second event was discuss I tried my hardest in this event but in the end I didn't get a place. After discuss it was lunch time. Our third event was high jump, and I figured out that I have always been jumping on the wrong side so at the event it was my first time jumping with my right foot leading. I got fourth in this event. Our last event for the day was sprints. Since I chose long sprints I got to sit in the shade and watch the people that chose short sprints race first. Only five girls in my age group chose long sprints so it was a straight final for us. I got first in this event!

I showed the care value of excellence by trying my hardest the whole day.

I showed leadership by cheering and encouraging everyone.

I was a role model by listening to what the teacher that was running my event said and doing it straight away.

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