Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kapahaka - Distinction post 2

On Friday we had kapahaka. As soon as I got to the hall foyer I took off my shoes then I like usual walked into the hall. Mr Brown then told us to face the stage which was unusual because we usually face the side of the hall and announced that it was going to be a shorter practice than usual. First we sung ka waiata and learnt when we should and shouldn't hold the notes in that particular song. Then we sung it quite a few more times to make sure that everyone knew the words. After that Matua Rihari taught us all the actions to tena matou most of the seniors including me already knew the actions from when we were younger. We practised tena matou quite a few more times then Mr Brown released use to go back to class just before the bell rang.

I showed leadership by helping the other kids to learn the actions because I remembered them from when I was younger.                                                                                                                                              

I showed respect by listening to Matua Rihari, Mr Brown and Mrs Baker while they were talking.

I was being a role model because I was singing and doing the actions with pride.

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