Thursday, 13 October 2016

PALs - Distinction post 1

On Thursday Maddy and I had PALs. We ran skipping for the kakano kids. At 12:05 Maddy and I stopped our game of around the world and went to the senior classrooms to collect our PALs vests and pozis. Then we went to the room 14 cloakbay to get the skipping ropes. As soon as we stepped out of the cloakbay lots of little kids came running up to us eager to do some skipping. After that we headed out to the junior court and started handing out the skipping ropes. Then Maddy and I got out the big purple rope and swung the big rope for kids to use as a different option from normal skipping. A little kid then asked if she could hold the rope so she and Maddy swung the rope and I went around handing out pozis to kids that were giving it their best shot and giving it a go. Some year 1 boys were having a disagreement about who had the rope first so I sorted it by going and getting another rope for one of them.

I showed excellence by not taking sides when I was solving a problem and running skipping with a good attitude.

I showed leadership by being goal focused and not letting others distract me from my leadership role and by showing up to my duty on time and being ready to go just before 12:10.

I was a role model by encouraging all the kids and not taking sides while I solved and disagreement.

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