Monday, 11 July 2016

Technology - Excellence post 21

On Tuesday I had technology, at the start we did some paper work about the design process and how if at first you original plan does not work you have to go back and refine it which is one of the steps in the design process. Then we started working on our project Charlotte and I are working together on a cushion. First we threaded the sewing machine and tested it on a scrap piece of fabric. After that we did a paper pattern,  we drew out the exact shape of what we wanted our cushions to be on paper, put fabric over it, pined it to the paper, checked that it had right angles and cut the fabric. Following that we asked the teacher to run a workshop on how to use the sewing machine that does letters and some pictures. Once she ran the workshop I used that machine to do a white snowflake on my black fabric as our projects are supposed to be winter themed. 

I showed the care value of community by collaborating with Charlotte well and taking turns with the sewing machine and I showed leadership by being a role model and contributing to the class discussions.

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