Friday, 1 July 2016

PALs - Excellence post 19

Yesterday Maddy and I were on PALs and we ran skipping for the kakano kids. At 1:10 Maddy and I headed to class to get our PALs jackets and some pozis then we headed over to get the skipping ropes. We got one big one and several smaller ones. Then we stood at either end on the big one and swung it around and around for the kakano kids to jump in. Then a bell rang for the kakano kids to go back to class early because they had their cross country straight after lunch. After we packet up and untangled all the skipping ropes then we went back to class to drop off the PALs jackets. 

While I was running PALs I showed the care value of excellence by cheering on the kids when it was their turn with the big rope and I showed leadership by being a role model and getting out to do my duty on time.

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