Sunday, 31 July 2016

Kapahaka - Excellence post 24

On Friday I had kapahaka. First, we sung he honore and tai tapu then the non performance group left for the performance group to practice for the cultural festival. After that we sung haleluia, tahurihuri, tai tapu and the haka. In tahurihuri we were all very quiet and in tai tapu Matua Rihari said we were all flat so we did it all again two more time until the morning tea bell rang. The girls that are doing short poi and the front row of boys got asked to stay behind so that Matua Rihari could help us practise the actions for poi and for the front row of boys the timing in which they step forward in haleluia. Once he showed us the new actions for poi because some of he girls couldn't do the old ones we got to leave. I showed the care value of respect by showing up on time and I showed leadership by being a role model and listening to Matua Rihari and Mrs Baker.

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