Sunday, 4 December 2016

Technology - Distinction post 18

On Tuesday the year 7 and 8s had technology. We learnt about aeroplanes and how they stay up in the air and about lift, weight, drag and thrust. At mandarin we took a test to see how much we had learnt and learnt the mandarin names of some more animals. After morning tea we watched a video on how to make a paper aeroplane then we made our own and modified it a bit to make it so it flies better. Then we went over to the hall to have a flying competition. The first round we had to fly the paper aeroplanes that we had created using the video that Mr Roozen showed us. In the second round we got to make a paper aeroplane of our choice. i didn't win any rounds. After that we went back to the class and played element bingo until it was time to hop on the bus.
I showed the care value of active thinking by collaborating with Savannah to create new ways to make our planes better.
I showed leadership by clapping for the people that won the compitetions.
I was a role model by being quite during the element bingo so people could hear what element Mr Roozen called out.

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