Thursday, 8 December 2016

PALs - Distinction post 24

Today Maddy and I ran stuck in the mud and duck duck goose for our kakano PALs activity. At ten past one we collected our orange PALs jackets and headed out onto the field. Once we got to where we wanted to play the games we looked around to see if any kakano kids seemed interested. Then a group of little kids asked if they could join in we said yes. Since there were only four kids Maddy and I joined in the game of duck duck goose. After that two more kids came over and asked if we could play stuck in the mud. So we played stuck in the mud in a small section of the kakano side of the field until the bell rang. Before the kids went back to class we gave them all pozi's for getting involved.

I showed the care value of respect by listening to others ideas.

I showed leadership by giving out pozi's to the kids that were getting involved.

I was a role model in stuck in the mud by saving lots of people.

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