Friday, 24 June 2016

Technology - Excellence post 15

On Tuesday I went to technology. I am in the design class and in the morning the design and textiles class watched a slide put together by the teachers to teach us about the design process. In the slide was, the steps in the design process and design fails which we had to explain were in the design process the person went wrong when making that product. We also talked about stakeholders and what they do. Then we partnered up and pretended they were our stakeholder and they were giving us answers to the questions we asked about the product and what they want it to look and be like. We got to chose out of a bed, shoe or bag then we had to make a prototype of the thing our partner designed when they were a stakeholder. While I was there I showed the learner quality of active thinker by asking my stakeholder l which was Charlotte lots of good questions to help me find out exactly how they want the design to be of the product and I showed leadership by helping Charlotte find a material to make her prototype.

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