Thursday, 24 March 2016

WALT create a narrative based on an image.

                                  One Big Mistake!

One freezing morning I woke up unable to get out of bed because of the cold , I attempted to open my drowsy eyes.                  As I slowly opened my sleep covered eyes with bags underneath them , I looked out of the window with small hope that the city would have miraculously changed overnight to the way Auckland was before Mayor Sebastian.                                            But as I approach the window and see smog drifting in the morning air my false hope fades away.                                           Suddenly the door swung open with a loud screech from the old rusted door hinges and Mayor Sebastian barged in with his robot guards trailing close behind.                                                 “You’re under arrest ,” announced Mayor Sebastian with a smug smile on his face ,“Tranquilize him at once “               Immediately after he said that I felt a sharp sting in my upper arm and darkness engulfed my vision.                                                 As I woke up I straight away looked to where I had been shot with a tranquilizer dart and saw a red dot of blood where the dart pierced my skin.                                                                                 “Help!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.                                   To my surprise a robot guard opened the electric door , cautiously I stepped back not knowing what to expect.                              ”Pl-pl-please give me an explanation to why you have brought me to this place?” I stuttered slowly shifting towards the back of the room.            “You have been brought here for stealing one of the Mayor’s most prized possessions , the portrait of himself drawn and painted by the Queen of England ,” said the robot guard , in the monotone voice all robots use. Suddenly Mayor Sebastion strutted in ,“I am very very truly sorry for mistaking you for stealing , you may now leave ,“ exclaimed Mayor Sebastion quickly with empathy showing on his face.     “As we are truly sorry for making a mistake we shall give you a brand new higher paying job,” offered the robot guard after Mayor Sebastion had left the room.                                                    “What could possibly be better than moping the floors of a supermarket,” I whispered hoping the guard didn’t here me or the sarcasm in my voice. “You are now the official head of the pretzel factory,” said the guard waiting for a response.                                              “Yippee,” I yelled wondering if anybody else had heard.          “Get ready you start tomorrow you should go now,” said the robot guard .

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