Friday, 5 June 2015

     How Do Flies Fly?

Flies are outstanding aerialists as you would find out if you tried to swat a fly.
Flies can hover, move vertically, fly backwards and stand upside down on the ceiling.

Flies wings are not hooked together so they flap as opposites.
when you watch  a fly you can see drumstick shapes halters flapping up and down.
Flies move at amazingly high speeds a human equivalent would be patting your head and rubbing your stomach for a mile.

Flies only have two functional wings.
the other pair have shrunken into drumstick like organs called halters.
Halters function as gyroscopes that help flies orient themselves in flight.

Mechanical couplings helps flies keep their sense of rhythm.
When the front wings go up the halters go down.
When the front wings speed up so do the halters.

The fly's wings help the fly to fly.
Flying is a big part of a flies life.

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